Dr. Robert Bartelt and the Cedar Valley Orthopedics team have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating a variety of orthopedic conditions, including issues that affect the hip, knee, shoulder, Achilles tendon, hand, and ankle. Some of our most common treatments include knee and hip arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder rotator cuff tears, ACL and other knee injuries, and all types of fractures, dislocations, and sprains.

When suffering an injury, patients will often first use rest, ice, anti-inflammatories and other home-based care. However, if joint pain, swelling or stiffness persist or interfere with your daily activities, you should see a specialist for an evaluation. Many non-surgical treatments are available for appropriate conditions, including physical therapy, prescription or over-the-counter medications, activity modification, and pain-relieving injections.

On a daily basis, we schedule surgery for less than one in ten of our patients. However, if your condition requires surgery, you can be confident knowing that your procedure will be performed by a board-certified specialist. Some of the surgical procedures we commonly perform are total hip and total knee replacements, shoulder arthroscopy and shoulder rotator cuff repair, knee arthroscopy and ACL reconstruction, and carpal tunnel and other hand surgeries.

With our providers’ focus on patient-centered care and their expertise in providing surgical orthopedic solutions, we are ready to help you enjoy excellent orthopedic health.

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